What is EID Digital Identification

Radio Frequency Identification, a technology that is spreading worldwide strongly.

We have the development area, where we design and manufacture our own readers, always tailored to our customers and offering solutions to market in LF, HF and UHF, relying on Software department to show adequate and functional solutions.

We apply the most advanced technologies in the integration of solutions long range readers, developing applications that customers ask us, with the support of the manufacturers globally, which we fully support the development of high-value applications.

We have distribution of the most recognized brands worldwide like HID, Scemtec, FROSCH, TALK-ID, etc.. Same who support us with advice when needed.

Offer the market a variety of TAGS in the different frequencies and for various applications.

We are distributors of chips for animal identification and readers for these applications.

We offer consulting and training for clients and product presentations.

We constantly growing, we address issues such as electronic purse, Safety information transfer under RFID, NFC (near field communication system).

Access controls, security, asset controls, control laundries, jewelers control, animal control, game applications or theme parks (vending machines) machine sales, tracking industry are just some of the applications where our technologies have been involved.

We constantly seek the best solutions in RFID worldwide and always seek the best.